Telisa is ready to coach YOU to be a successful You, business owner and/or media brand!!

What to Expect: 

Create and achieve your specific goals, values and desires 

Maximize personal fulfillment and achievement in your life 

Explore possibilities and create a vision for the future and live it! 

Maximize your satisfaction and enjoyment in life 

Learn to put your goals into productive action 

Focused on discovering one’s strengths, talents and abilities 

Apply your own knowledge, as you grow during your life coaching experience 

A co-creative partnership to promote positive change, inspiration, self-discovery, balance and designed to help you create a better life 

Group Classes: 

Group life coaching can be beneficial to you, because you can connect with like-minded individuals, benefit from collective wisdom and experiences, and receive and give support to help find collective solutions to challenges. Group life coaching is more about creating a collective energy that enables self-discovery within a group of people with similar goals, resulting in action-based plans. Bring down walls in your life, so that you can walk in your full purpose! All this is done in a safe environment where the privacy of each individual is respected. 

One on One Sessions:

One on one coaching is a great source to connect with for personal action of results. 

Coach Victorious