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Welcome!  Dr. Telisa Franklin has spent much of her adult life making the impossible seem possible. Since graduating from Craigmont High School in 1993, she’s gone on to become an entrepreneur, floral designer, philanthropist, TV talk show host, radio station president, author, licensed minister, and motivational speaker.

It is in the area of motivational speaking that Telisa has found her calling. When opportunity avails itself, for example, she is on the move sending out positive vibes and encouraging God’s people of various persuasions – the young and elderly alike – to reach deep within themselves to find their purpose in life.

She is purpose-driven and rock-solid in her commitment to moving people forward using the power of speech to inspire, inform, motivate and uplift those who need assurance that they are, in fact, gems that just need a little polishing in order to sparkle.

How does she do it? A victim of circumstances, Telisa transformed her past into a future of infinite possibilities. Where she had once fallen down, she now stands tall and radiates with confidence. Her accomplishments are proof that one can make the seemingly impossible indeed possible. 

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