Dr. Telisa Franklin is a remarkable individual whose impact extends far beyond her accomplishments in various fields. She is a passionate advocate for influencing what is known as the "seven mountains of influence," which encompass family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, and government. Dr. Franklin's upbringing and values have played a crucial role in shaping her approach to life, particularly in the realm of family. She holds a strong belief in the importance of family and draws inspiration from the lessons she learned from her grandparents, which guide her actions and decisions. Religion is another area where Dr. Franklin has made a significant impact. With a doctorate in Divinity, she utilizes her deep faith and spirituality as a foundation for her work. As a licensed minister and motivational speaker, she serves as an inspiration to others, using her religious insights to bring about positive change. Dr. Franklin's educational qualifications, including a Ph.D. in Christian counseling, have equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact within the education sector. She strives to empower individuals and communities through her work, contributing to their growth and development. Recognizing the power of media and entertainment, Dr. Franklin has actively engaged in these influential platforms. As an Emmy-nominated voiceover artist and through her involvement in various organizations within the entertainment industry, she influences and inspires others, shaping society's values and beliefs. Not limited to her influence in these areas, Dr. Franklin has also made a significant impact in the business sector. As an entrepreneur and president of Telisa Franklin Ministries, Memphis Juneteenth Festival, and Trend Media Group, among other ventures, she demonstrates exceptional leadership and expertise. Her contributions contribute to the growth and development of businesses and communities, leaving a lasting impression. Moreover, Dr. Franklin's involvement with elected officials, esteemed organizations, and her role as a Memphis Police Department Clergy Ambassador allow her to foster positive government and community relations. Through these engagements, she actively works to bridge gaps and create a harmonious environment for all. Overall, Dr. Telisa Franklin's unwavering dedication to influencing the seven mountains of influence showcases her commitment to making a difference in various aspects of society. Her multifaceted talents and experiences enable her to impact and inspire individuals and communities across these influential areas, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.


Marketing Certification  2022

Public Speaking Certification 2022

Mentoring and Coaching Skills Certification 2022

Events Managements Certification 2022

Life Coaching Certification 2021

Diversity Equity and Inclusion 2021

State of Tennessee Mental Health (CPRS) Certified Peer Recovery Specialist 2022